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Tell me you’re going to do the hard work, so it’s going to be so easy for me. I’m a busy person, how easy are you going to make it for me to buy from you?


We'll fit to you

Will you fit around me?

What’s your product or service I’m likely to be interested in? Reassure me I’ll not find it better anywhere else. Explain how comprehensive it is and why I should read more.


Make me want to click

What can I get from you?

Your homepage should give me a good overview of what you do and what it means for me. Make sure your most important services are easy to find and don't cram too much onto the page - keep it easy for me to find what I'm looking for.

Impress me with what you'll give me

If I can get what you’re offering anywhere, what else can you offer me that will make me choose you? Will it be in the advice you offer, or maybe the variety of after care services?


Show me your variety

What else can you offer?